Trouble scanning with BenQ 1640 (BSLB)

When I try to scan a disc with Kprobe2 the drive starts and then stops immediately,

When I try to scan withthe Nero disc quality check it works but only at .4x !!

Any thoughts about some setting I might have wrong somewhere?

I also have a LiteOn 1633 that scan just fine but I have to give it to a friend and wan’t a one disc solution.

I am running Win XP sp2


Montana Rane

Kprobe is only meant for LiteOn drives.

KProbe is specific for liteon drives. You shouldn’t use with benq drives

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OK so that is the explaination for kprobe but what about the very slow (.5x) scan in nero ?

You need a newer version.

Old versions of CD/DVD Speed had very slow scan speeds with BenQ drives, new versions have 8x scan speeds.

I think there is a sicky somewhere, or use the search to find it.