Trouble saving cd to comp

ok, i have a cd and i want to save the songs to my computer in mp3 format. i’m using window’s media player. windows 98. can’t find the save button. a walkthrough would be appreciated. thanks

Are the songs on the cd already in mp3 format or is it a regular audio cd with wav files. If the ladder, you will need a ripping utility. I prefer Audiocatalyst and can also suggest Exact Audio Copy . If you have Nero it has an option somewhere to import tracks, and so does just about any other software for burning cd’s. I hope that helps some.

wmp will try to save tracks into .wma files. after you load the tracks into a playlist, there should be some kind of save track option. perhaps before.

personally, i would save the tracks as .wav files to my hard drive, and then use the LAME encoder, with Razorlame, to encode them.

give that a try :wink:

A CD ripper that I prefer to use, is Audiograbber. It is fast, to the point and easy to use [and there is a free version].

Hope this helps:)

problem solved… i used my roomates computer