Trouble ripping with Nec3520a

I’ve a nec 3520a and I’ve flashed it with Liggy and Dee’s firmware but when I rip DVDs (burned not originals) it suddenly stops halfway through the process at about 45-46% every time. I’ve managed to rip some DVDs but I don’t know the reason why they worked. Is there anyone who can help me with this problem? I’ve tried several different types of DVDs so I don’t suspect that it should be a matter of bad quality DVDs.
Thx in advance

If you read the recording hardware forum, where NEC has its own section. There are a few comments on NEC not being too good at ripping a standard DVD ROM should be used. NEC are good for burning though.

What is the media code of the burned DVDs? The NEC rips at a very fast speed on -+R and errors should slow it down but could cause a stop. Try the discs on another drive and see what happens. You could check Nero’s DVD Speed and see if it will slow the drive down.