Trouble Ripping "Transporter 2"



I am not sure if its due to any copy protection but everytime I try to rip “Transporter 2” with every software application I could find, it will get to about 80-90 percent completed and then error out. I was just wondering if anyone has sucessfully ripped this movie or has any ideas as to why its not working for me, Thanks


I managed it recently without any problems, and more than likely I used Clone DVD2. If not, then it was Nero. One or the other.


yeah… it sounds like you dont have a program to remove copy protection, try the trial of anydvd


AnyDVD, Fab platinum (both have free trials) and DVDFab Decrypter (freeware) all work just fine with this movie.


Must just be my DVD then because I have tried all the applications listed. Thanks


Could just be a glitch on the disk. Try a trial of clonecd (sorry, its the only one i know that will work) which will copy the entire disk, including the error. This will Mean that if it gets to a glitch while watching the movie, their may be a quick jump, however this will only last about 2 seconds.