Trouble ripping Nightmare Before Christmas



I’m having trouble ripping Nightmare Before Christmas. I’m using DVD Fab HD Decrypter to rip, then DVD Shrink to transcode… That’s as far as I’m getting… My problem is, I rip “Full Disc” in Fab, then when I go to transcode in Shrink and enable video preview, as I watch it, it seems that it’s only the special features and bonus footage, not the actual movie… In Shrink, it even shows the folder “Main Movie”, but like I said, when I watch the main movie play down, it’s not the movie… it’s just features and such… how can I fix this? Why is this happening?? It’s quite frustrating… I’m also seeing an “RCE Protected” warning message that pops up before I try to transcode in Shrink… And I had DVD Region+CSS running in the background… If I select region 1, will it still work? Please help. Thanks so much

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Is that a old claymation movie or something like that? If so that video shouldn’t be that hard to copy?? You sure your version of dvdfab hd isn’t too old of a version to work properly.


Yea its claymation, but it’s a Disney movie. I’m using what I think is the most recent version of DVD Fab 5… its’ the 30-day free trial one… I’m stumped. How would you do it??


I would either give the new DvdFab beta a shot, or try RipIt4Me.


I’ve tried them… Rip It 4 Me freezes after the 3rd step and won’t go any further… And Fab, as well as Dvd Decrypter, seem to burn all of the menus and bonus features AS the “main movie”. I know this b/c by the time I get to transcode the files in Shrink, it only transcodes the bonus features, and no movie… I enable video preview, and I see it’s only trascoding the bonus features. It’s almost as if, in the ripping stage of Fab, it skipped over the main movie entirely, and ripped the bonus features as the “main movie”. I’m stumped. And every time in Shrink, it still gives me that RCE Protected warning prior, saying I have to pick a region code… but any other movie I never get that warning, so I’m assuming that shouldn’t be there… Can you please help? It’s the collector’s edition, a rental… probably why it’s a pain. Is there an option in Fab or Decrypter I can view what I’m going to rip before I rip it? What am I doing wrong?


Oh also as a side note… I guess you could call it “progress”, but something is still not right… When I play the disc (after going through those steps I mentioned prior… Dvd Fab Gold or Fab HD Decrypter/Fix Vts/Shrink)… it plays down the coming attractions, the menu selections, and language options, but then when I click on play movie, the movie skips and bounces all over. So something there isn’t right… Do you know what I did wrong?


[quote=Hockeman21;2174666]Can you please help? It’s the collector’s edition, a rental… probably why it’s a pain.[/quote]Sorry but we do not give help with copying rented commercial DVDs. Have another look at the rules you signed up to.

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