Trouble reformatting(EXTRA NEWBIE HERE)

Hey guys, just ordered this new case and all, dont have much experience with computers at all, but i know how to put one together :). So heres what i got, all the hardware seems to be working, but my computer doesnt want to reformat. So i have the CD in, and i load it up… get rid of my partition, and do a quick reformat. Then after that all finishes it wants to reset… Heres the bad part. When it does it reboots and nothing happens. Its almost like it forgot what it was doing and it basically goes to the same setup i just finished.

I have tried taking it all apart, then putting it all back together and i just have no idea where the problem can be. Im just using parts i ordered, not a computer prebuilt or anything. If you need to know the exact parts, please ask. I have a feeling the source of my problem comes to be with my harddrive… Feel free to ask any more questions. Also please note i am a MEGA newbie at this, so please simplify things to me :slight_smile:


  1. Make sure the cpu is setup in the bios to boot from the cd first.
  2. if you have more than one HD, take one out until you install Windows. I had a bad experience with Windows installing to the wrong HD once. I can’t remember how it happened but better safe than sorry.
  3. You have to use a full version of Windows to install, not a restore disk from an older cpu.

The only reason i mention these things is these are issues i had when i built my first cpu. A list of the parts you’re using might be helpful.