Trouble Recovering damaged(?) Data

I saved a sequence of FRAPS videos(avi’s) and their wavs to some DVDRs a couple of years ago and I guess I forgot to verify the ripped data on all of them, because now I cannot access or copy files from one particular dvdr.

I get the “Parameter is Incorrect” When I attempt to save the data to the hard drive. I did some research on the error message and couldn’t find much. I tried to image the dvdr and had little success. I was only able to recover a third of the avi and the rest of the data on the dvdr was nonrecoverable.

Then I tried to use CD Recovery Toolbox Free. It saved the space for the avi but still only got a 3rd of the video back. I didn’t even bother to check the other files on recovered from the dvdr.

I tried searching these forums about similar issues but didn’t necessarily find much that deals in the situation I’m in right now. One I found here was about a damaged disc from improper use but at least the CD was in good condition at one point.

Wondering if anyone knows how I can recover the rest of my files on this DVDR and point me in the right direction. Help would be much appreciated!

The DVDR was a Single Layer Sony DVD+R burned as UDF (Since the avi was about 4GB itself).

Thank you!