Trouble Recording HBO Shows

I just bought a LVW-1101HC1 and upgraded it to the latest version of firmware from Lite-On’s web site.

I have been able to record from cable, my dvr, and camcorder without touble. The only time I have trouble is when I try to record a show from cable on HBO or HBO2.

The recordings come out very shakey. I am assuming that this is being caused by MV. Is this right?

HBO’s web site says that they allow for users to make a copy of their shows for the purpose of time shifting. So I would think that I should be able to do this without the use of a hack.

I am able to record from HBO to my VCR without any trouble.

Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions? Thank you

I would guess that HBO send a copy protection signal - This means that it can set Copy Free - will record to any media, Copy Once - will only record to a HD or -RW(VR) but can only be played back on CPRM compatabile equipment - or Copy Never - which even a HD will not record.

Your good old VCR won’t recognise the copy protection so will copy quite happily.

I know that HBO does use CGMS-A (Content Generation Management System for Analog protection) on most of their broadcasts. All of these programs are supposed to come with the Copy Never bit set as you suggested.

Assuming that the shakey picture is as a result of the Copy Never bit, I am surprised that I am able to get a good of a recording as I can. I have read elsewhere that some DVD Recorders refuse to record at all when the Copy Never bit is set and others will record for only a few minutes and then stop.

I was able to record an entire 2 hour program with the only problem being a jumpy picture. I wonder if Lite On’s implementation of the CGMS-A is just less restricting than others? In any event, this is very frustrating!

You can try updating the FW with the hacks out there which should be able to remove the MV. If you do, let us know if it works for HBO.

How about recording to TIVO and then to DVD? Does TIVO recognized the MV signal?


I thought there WAS no mac hack for the 1100s! :confused: