Trouble Recording from DVR TO Toshiba D-R410KU



I purchased the Toshiba D-R410KU to be able to record programs from my DVR to a DVD recorder. We have not tackled yet converting VHS to DVD, but it is coming.
The DVD was formatted as specified and the recorder in on video mode. I am trying to record from the Video 1 to the DVD recorder by it will not let me. It gives me an error message that says, Disc error, this program cannot be recorder. Error 25.
This comes as a surprise because we have been able to record movies from my DVR to this Toshiba DVD Recorder. Suddenly Error 25 appears and we don’t know why. The Manual doesn’t address Error 25. I thought maybe the movie is Copywrited, but this movie is too old and it just couldn’t be. My wife has recorded some of her favorite movies like Ben Hur, Giant, from the DVR. Now She wants to record the 1960 Parent Trap to show our grandchildren and it just won’t.
Just can’t figure what has gone wrong. I have used DVD-R and DVD + RW disks and both of them worked with other movie recordings, but now, nothing seems to do the trick
Can Someone help?


Copyright for movies made prior to 1978 has been extended to 95 years after publication, so yes, copyright protection still holds for a movie made in 1960. This is according to US law.

I’m afraid I haven’t any help for your specific problem however. Perhaps this movie has been flagged to prevent copying. Page 30 of the owners manual says:
[I]You cannot record copy-protected program using this unit. Copy-protected video signal is included in DVD-
videos, some satellite broadcasts, some pay-per-view
stations and some “premium” stations.
If copy-protected material is detected, recording will
pause or stop automatically and an error message
appears on the screen.[/I]


I checked to see if I could record a regular TV program that I already have on my DVR to the Toshiba D-R410KU DVD Recorder and I keep getting the same Error :
Disc error, this program cannot be recorder. Error 25.
This TV program is not copy writed, yet I get the same error I got on the movies I tried to record from my DVR.
Should I change the Disks? What other Disk can I use? As I mentioned I have been successfull recording movies from the DVR and suddenly I can’t.
These are the Disk Types I have used : [FONT=Calibri]DVD-R and DVD + RW and now can’t used the DVD at all to record. Since it is telling me it is a Disk error, maybe I should get another type of Disk, but I don’t know which one.[/FONT]
[FONT=Calibri] This is aggravating to say the least. Any thoughts?[/FONT]


If you think it is a problem with the disk, my first thought would be to use the same type that you have used successfully in the past. Examine a disk that you have recorded in DVDIdentifier to find the mid code (manufacturer’s id). Then examine one of the disks you have tried to burn that failed and compare mid codes.

Generally, Verbatim brand blank dvds are a safe choice for media, especially if you are going to use +RW disks.


Unfortunately, I believe this: is what you’re up against. There are a lot of false positives with some recorders (especially, for some reason, during commercials). Yours may be one of them. There are after market ‘stabilizers’ that can help in that situation. A Stabilizer will also help when you try to record from VHS.


The movies I am trying to copy from DVR to Toshiba D-R410KU have no commercials, I record then when they show on Turner Classics. I am not too technical oriented like all of you are, so forgive me
if I sound stupid. What is After market stabilizers? One of the reasons I
bought the DVD Recorder was so I could transfer my own VHS home movies to
Disk, but I have to wait on that, till I have this resolved.

The disks I have used to record my movies are: DVD-R and DVD + RW. I don’t intent to re-record on DVD+RW. Those movies are for keeps. I am in such a hurry to get this resolved because I have about 5 movies on DVR waiting for me to record on DVD so I can’t remove them from the DVR. All the movies are favorite movies from my youth.

It won’t even record just a regular TV program that I have already on DVR. I am flummoxed because the DVD was recording from DVR so well… Thanking all of you in advance in case you can figure this out.





I had a message sent to my e-mail box that said you had responded to me, but I can’t find it. Any suggestions to solve the problem with my inability to record from DVR to DVD is greatly appreciated.


This is one of the better stabilizers.IMO
As above it will be necessary for some VHS to DVD conversions.
From the Toshiba manual I beleive is for your model:Page 38
E25-28 Copy prohibited program


I will try this out and see what happens. I appreciate your advise. Hang in there I might be back.