Trouble Recording DVD

I have a Panasonic Recorder with a HD in it. Untill today have had no problem recording HD to DVD. today I have two programs that begin recording and works for 10-15 min then the recorder turns off. Two other programs transferred OK. I ran out of my original blanks DVDs all of which worked well - this new batch of blanks may be the problem. Waht does it sound like to you.

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From what I can see, it looks like your recorder is having issues with your recent batch of media. What type, brand and speed of media are you using? Some of the cheaper ‘generic’ brand DVD-R’s are known for causing read & write problems. :confused: If your recorder offers a choice of write speeds, it will be worth trying a lower speed to see if this helps, at least until you use up your current batch.

If you can get hold of various brands of media, it may be worth getting one of each to see how each performs. Verbatim generally gives the best all-round performance in my experience, although pricing is a little higher than other media. :wink:

If you need DVD burning software also, get DVDXCopy Platinum.