Trouble reading media burnt by other drives?

So my old lg cd burner kicked the bucket a few months ago and the new drives I have bought since (pioneer dvr106 & lg 52x cdrom) have trouble reading about 35/40% of the media burnt by this drive. Likewise when I had the unit I would lend cds to other people who had trouble copying the disc but the LG burner would read it without a hitch.

Anyone else have this problem or know a solution? Im thinking I should keep an eye out for other drives of the same model sold second hand? Theres like hundreds of cdrs that are defective because I dont have a drive that can read them.

Hi Buddha,

Maybe someone else knows of something else you could try. The only things I can think of are:

  1. Do like you said, and try to find the same model burner you had, and hope this one works too.

or 2) Did these discs you lent out always not work in these other peoples drives? Maybe you should go around to as many PCs you can, and try to find another reader which can read all these discs, then borrow or buy one of those drives, and start your big task of reburning.

In your case I’m not sure if you need a tolerant with errors drive (like a Liteon DVD rom maybe), or an accurate unforgiving with errors drive (like a Toshiba DVD rom). Burners and DVD roms are usually better readers than CD roms. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a reader that works.

I don’t see what else you can do. I mean, if a reader just won’t read it, I don’t think theres any way to make it with software or anything else. Good luck

I suppose you could try upgrading the firmwares on your pioneer or your LG. I don’t have any experience with pioneer or LG drives, so I don’t know if this could maybe fix the problem, or how to go about flashing these drives. New firmware can sometimes help with reading issues, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Longshot probably, cause it sounds like theres alot of drives having trouble for you. So I doubt firmware could help.

Yeah I hear what your saying, when I bought my pioneer dvr106 I had in mind that it would be well capable of extracting data from sensitive discs. Same when I bough the LG cd rom I thought the discs would be compatible being the same brand an all. The drive that broke was a LG 24x16x16 burner (will try to dig up the model number) but it is quite old now and I dont know how much luck I will have finding it. And I dont wanna attack the cds with a repair kit because I know they will do as much damage as good. The firmware is all up to date on both drives and I sent an email to LG about it to see what they say but aside from that theres not much I can do :frowning:

One other thing though they were all burnt using nero/mode 1 in win98se. Would there be compatibility issues with that and win2000 which I am using now?

No, it shouldn’t make a difference which OS you’re using. It’s just a data disc, you should be able to take it to any computer and read it.

lite-on 5238S IS THE BEST 29.95 it reads all my previous burners media