Trouble reading "Lady and the Tramp (Special Edition)"



Using DVD Shrink & DVDIdle Pro (& My PC based DVD player wont read the DVD either)

Disk is Disney’s Lady and the Tramp (Special Edition) Disk 1 of 2

DVD Shrink on “Open Disk” gets to about 11% Analysing, and reports: Failed to read file “D:” Invalid access to memory location.

DVD Idle Pro reports:
The disc (LTEUEUW1) has CSS protection
Disc region code: 2
The disc has Sony ARccOS protection.

I’ve successfully read a variety of disks in the past with this software, including various Disney DVDs.

Looking at the DVDIdle history, looks to be a series of upgrades to address ARccOS encryption, is this a DVD that DVDIdle can’t (currently) handle?


I know the topic is for another Fab product, but I think my posts 2 & 4 might help you trouble shoot your problem as you can check for hardware conflicts which could be problem for accessing memory or another program may be using the memory:



I would suggest ripping to the harddrive first using DVDFab Decrypter and then processing the files with DVD Shrink ( I use version ). Ripping to the harddrive first has yielded me better results overall. I have had problems using DVDIdle Pro in the past as it was the culprit of alot of conflicting issues. Since removing it, for the most part, I’ve been error free.



I’ll give DVDFab a try.

I’ll wait and see, but I’m not convinced this is a conflict issue, as I can still read other DVDs with no issues.


Now got DVD Fab Express installed and …

… no difference (well, a different error message)

Fab reports “Failed when copying DVD: 8193”


For dmp31,

Where did you get version 16 of DVD Shrink. On mail web site, only 15 is listed.


Look here --read the second post.


8193//error_SectorNotFound; this is a double layer copying error code per code list. Are you trying to make a DL? If not try copying main movie only. Also examine the original DVD for physical defects. Also you can set fab to retry reading when error occurs



Hi SteveCB,

Please send us all the .IFO files on Original disc, then we will check the problem.

A recommended way is listed below:

  1. Open an Explorer window, and navigate to VIDEO_TS folder of the DVD.
  2. Copy all files ending with .IFO to hard disk.
  3. ZIP the IFO files on hard disk to one file. Name it with a readable filename, like
  4. Send the zip file to fengtao(at), please replace (at) with @.

Best Regards,




Email now sent.

To answer other questions: Never got as far as trying to write anything here, the failures are all on trying to read the DVD. The disk itself is new & looks free from scratches, marks, or blemishes. Also the failure always occurs at same point of load, so I suspect setting Fab to try won’t help here. Thanks for the helpful comments though.


Does this DVD have special features such as games on it? If so, just back up the main movie. I don’t think DVDFab can back up “non-movie” items. Mack and Maineman can you confirm this?


Hey Cowboy,

I can’t absolutely confirm, but I’m pretty damn sure you’re right…at least mostly right anyway. One of the problems is that this shows up frequently, but not consistently. To be sure, compression in complete disc mode is predisposed to disc structure issues as the result of copy protection. Stuff like poor and failed navigation - both from the disc menu and the player remote, freezing and pixelation, continuous looping and expansion of certain sectors, etc.

Most of the time, I opt for main movie, esp. with sony and disney movies as they tend be be a real problem when compressed in complete disc mode. If I need to back up the whole disc on these, I’ll burn to a DL.

I think it may have been Mack that posted re: games.


Don’t think that I posted that, but remember on the old dvdidle forum fengtao or Ellen posted that game discs are a different format that fab cannot handle. Kind of like comparing apples to oranges.



Mack, good blast from the past for us Fab “originals”!! Ellen Zhang (or something like that), either the person or alias, haven’t heard that name for awhile!! Ditto on though…been pretty cool! Agree on the game discs though, and in reality…pretty worthless unless you have a mod chip for respective game system…


Yeah Larry, don’t seem to be as many of us left either. Miss the old forum but am thankful for CDFreaks for allowing us to post here. I always wondered if Ellen was fengtao’s wife. I know she has a dvdidle email address. I have received an email from her answerig a question since we moved here but have never seen a post by her here. The new boy fengtao mentioned a few months ago might be the reason she is not active in the forum.



For those having problems, I just posted a long post in the Read First For help thread about why it is usually best to burn main movie only to eliminate many problems. It is post #17. Please post any questions about it in other threads, but if you have something to add to this please post it in the for help thread so it will be easy to refer users to.



Hey Mack, not a bad bit of reasoning re: Ellen, that is, for an old man… :bigsmile:
Every once in a while, my old brain drifts back - stream of consciousness stuff - and thoughts like…I wonder whatever happened to Ellen?..pop up…weird. Like you and Larry, I miss the old forum but cdf has been very gracious and there’s lots of good folks here.