Trouble reading a burned DVD all the way through

I have been trying for several years to find a combination of burner / player/ software that will consitantly work. I got started using several years ago using DVDXCOPY with a Pioneer A03 burner that come with my Sony Vaio Pentium 4 2.0Ghz. It would burn OK and play back ok for maybe the first half of the movie but then it would start “stuttering”. Start and stop. start and stop and eventually just stop. I tried DVD +RW and also -RW media and various brands with all the same results. I then bought an external HP DVD 630i which did not do any better. I then did some research on the different “TV DVD Players”. and bought one that said it would virually play anything and got great reviews. Same issues…pixelating/ starting and stopping about halfway through. I then tried DVD DeCryptor4 and DVD Shrink…same thing, and then I tried 1ClickDVD and Any DVD with again the same results. I finally found a player that would work, It was a Sony, and it would play every movie all the way through so it seems to be related to whatever player I am using. I am disappointed as I like to watch movies in bed and I get halfway through and they quit, usually at the most exciting part :slight_smile: and I have to take the DVD out to the family room and finish watching it. I have three other tv’s with all newer players but the burned movies will only play all the way through on the Sony. Does this seem right??? What else could I try or am I doing something else wrong?

More than likely a media prob…But try DVDFab platinum ,30 day free trial ,and use good media, Verbatim is what I and others suggest, and slow down burn speeds IMO 8x-12x max… :slight_smile:

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Most of times playback problems are due to a bad burned disc. Most of times, a disc was bad burned because of a very low quality of the disc itself. More rarely, the disc was bad burned because of a wrong burning speed selected or because the drive need a firmware update.

The ripping/burning softwares used is not important :slight_smile:

@ma2288, try this combo of SW and burn proggies,
DVDfab Hd decrypter>DVDshrhink or preferably DVDRB (if DVD-5 desired)> IMGBurn to Verbatim +R media = success for me…Yes rip/burn SW are important ,at least for this novice user… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feed back. I currently am using Verbatim but they are DVD -RW media and I read here that the +RW is probably better to use. I will try slowing down the burn and trying Verbatim +RW.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Your problem, actually, can be due to RW media: some standalones are really picky about RW discs, so try to do a test with a write once disc :slight_smile:

Thanks Geno888…this shows how much of a newbie I am. :frowning: I am NOT using RW media. I meant to say just write once. I am using Verbatim DVD -R but will try +R. and slow down the burn speed.:slight_smile:

Yes ma2288, try +R media slow it down a tad and set booktype to dvd-rom if burner allows, so as to make disk more compatible with various players…good luck!

Check also if you need to update firmware: often this improve writing quality :slight_smile:

I forgot to meantion that I got a new computer, AN HP Pavilion Core 2 Duo 2.13 E6400 with a Lightscribe DVD ± RW and ±R. HP did have a firmware update for it which I applied but didn’t make any difference. The external HP 630i also had the latest firmware which didn’t seem to work but you guy’s are giving me some good ideas to try when I get home from work. I get somw +r media, slow it down, see if I can set the book type and I lso read here about setting the DMA.

Well, I fianlly got all the pieces together to try again. I got some DVD +R Taiyo Uuden media from and they seem pretty reputable so I feel pretty confident the disks were not fake. I used DVDInfo pro to verify the media ID as Taiyo Yuden. On the built in burner I have on the HP Pavilion , I could not change the Disk type to DVD-ROM but I did slow the burn down from MAX, down to 8X and it still freezes up about halfway through. I then tried the same thing on my external Pioneer which does let me change the Disk type to DVD-ROM and that also still frezzes up. NOt just one on DVD player but everyone I try EXCEPT my Sony. I have about given up watching backup DVD’s in the bedroom. One side note…I can burn a home made DVD using PowerDirector and it plays on the bedroom DVD fine with any disk. IT just seems when trying to copy “protected” dvd’s. Agian, I have tried various software packages and also DVD Decryptor all without success. …ANYTHING else to try??

It is possible that your drive is not a good writer. If you can, try to burn a couple of discs with a different drive (ask to a friend if you don’t have one).

I agree with geno could be the writer, but what proggies did you use besides DVD Decrypter? cus it may work for older flicks ,but not on newer ones…did you try DVDFab? great 1 click solution IMO!..try it, 30 day free trial…
Also check your source disc for scratches/smudge/fingerprints etc…you never know!..good luck!.. :wink:

Well…I didn’t really think it would work becasue I have tried three other commercial programs…1clickdvd, clonedvd4, and DVDXcopy, along with the freebie dvddecryptor4 BUT DVDFab WORKED!!! At least on the next two I burned so I am prestty sure or at least hope the problems solved. Thanks for the Advice