Trouble purchasing AnyDVD!

Anyone try to register AnyDVD lately?

I tried yesterday using my US debit card (I’m currently hopping between England and France) and the final page of the process said “scheduled for manual processing” or something.

I filled in the support form and Emailed too but haven’t heard anything in 24 hours.

I wanted to buy AnyDVD because of what’s happened with DVD Decrypter and the fact that AnyDVD is the only thing that gets around the newer ARccOSS protections now, the $10 discount and lifetime updates sealed the deal.

But now I’m left with the nag screen and about 19 days left on the demo as it seems impossible to actually BUY the software!

Come on Slysoft, get me my registration key before I start looking for keygens!

Anyone ever get a response from the Slysoft contact form, I’m beginning to think it doesn’t work…

I never got a license number or registration key.

I can confirm that I have had a reply from Slysoft - took about 4 days I think.

oh ok, i guess that’s why they give you 21 days eval!

What I would say is that Slysoft/Elby will give you the best technical support I have ever seen from any software - I had a problem backing up a disc and they had an update out within hours. I presume the team over in Antigua are fairly small, and as the software is fairly cheap, that may explain the slight delay in getting through all the mails they receive. More support staff = extra cost.

I hope you get your keys sorted out soon!!


yes, one of the big deal makers was that the support seems excellent - like there’s been a beta and two new stable releases in a few weeks due to this arccoss crap.

i just hope i get my keys within 19 days - and i also wanted to close my us bank account soon too…

Just ordered clonecd from slysoft and the key was in my mail box within 30 seconds.

I was the same - I ordered all 3 at once - and downloaded the keys from the Slysoft site - then they appeared in my mail box as well. It seems that if there is a problem authorising the credit card (for what ever reason) you get moved to the scheduled for manual processing. That seems to be where people are getting upset as they think their card has been charged and not received their keys.

well i’ve sent 2 emails now and lodged a trouble ticket, but not heard anything.

i guess they didn’t like my american debit card being used from my french address…

Quite possible. Or the answer email is stuck in some spam filter.

yes i’ve had problems like that before with the spam filters, so i’ve lodged another support ticket using my yahoo address.


I just attempted to purchase it again using my US address and it’s done the same thing - there was no license in the web page where it said (nowhere to right-click Save As…) and it’s been scheduled for manual processing!

This is really p*ssing me off now - they’d better not charge me twice! Maybe it’s because I used the $10 coupon code?

Oh and it’s not a spam filter issue as they haven’t replied to my Yahoo account either - and the ‘you have sent a support ticket’ Emaill got through. I’ve setup a “read receipt” in my Emails and they haven’t come back, so I assume Slysoft haven’t even read the Emails.

I really would prefer not to use this ‘markus’ crack…

Ah, I’ve just got my license keys from my second order - so now I’ve got to get them to cancel the first order!

Hey, please be a little bit reasonable. With this 10$ rebate thing they probably get 2000 or more support emails a day. Maybe 1000 mails are ahead of yours.

Yeah, I was just getting a bit anxious - usually you at least expect to get some kind of feedback within 3 days, especially when they state 6-48 hours.

And do you think they sell that kind of volume of AnyDVD? Maybe they need to get more staff then, maybe pay someone to monitor this forum…?

Anyway, I can report that successfully dealt with the ARccOS protection in “Vampires: The Turning” (R2).

Getting a lot of mails unfortunately doesn’t mean that you sell a lot.

@ sej7278,

I have no problem with the manner in which SlySoft conducts business. As state numerous times SlySoft is a small company with a small work force.

Hiring extra people cost money, which ultimately is passed on to the cost of their products. The cost of their software is a bargain considering what their Software does and how much money is saved when you back up a DVD.

As stated by you your purchase of AnyDVD with an American card and using a French address is out of the norm. It appears that you total purchase time to the receipt of Registration Keys took less than hour when using normal credit card and address. Why is it so a reasonable time that you need to be suggesting that SlySoft needs to hire a larger staff.

I personally want SlySoft to expend their limited resources focused on addressing technical issues with their products than running down weird purchasing events and lost registrations. If there is no issues with a credit card SlySoft provides Registration Key with in minutes of purchase. This fact has been confirmed by many Forum Members. It is only when the customer stretches the limits of SlySoft work force with wired credit card purchases and lost Registration Keys SlySoft does not respond within minutes.

As suggested by Olli you need to chill out and be reasonable with your demands of SlySoft.

Best Regards,

@Olli, is there a way to buy the software without a creditcard?
Couldn’t find on the Slysoft page.

where can i find the $10 coupon code.

Code is : cdfreaks