Trouble playing movie clip on Powerpoint

How do I convert a movie file from one extension format to another? I am having trouble playing it on Powerpoint, even though it can play just fine in winamp.

Note: The movie clip is one I made with a Canon s400 digital camera (or is it a Nikon Coolpix 4800), but the point is, i can play it on winamp, but not on powerpoint. This does not happen to the other video clips that I have set up for my presentation.

I have windows xp pro… how do I change the format?

I was able to do it in windows xp from work, because it showed the file extension: example: i converted to… I dont know, my windows xp doesn’t say what the file format is… just that its a winamp file, but @ work I would know cuz it would say .avi, or .mpeg.

Any suggestions guys? I’d really like to use this for my senior project this friday.

ok. I now know its an .avi file. My other video clips in powerpoint are .wmv, and .mpeg.

Is there any free utility that can let me convert from .avi to .mpeg or .wmv?

Or can windows xp pro do it for me?

It’s much easier to convert all presentation to avi! Try this if you interested.