Trouble Playing DVD movies

Hi, I’m not sure if this has been discussed here before but I’ve tried searching through everywhere.

Before hand, I should put my system specs here first
Intel Pent 2.4CGHZ
Asus P4p800 non-deluxe edition
2x256 Dual Channel
Pioneer DVR-106D
LiteON Combo CDRW+DVD-rom SOHC-5235K

My problem is that I cant seem to play original rented DVD’s rentals at the store. New ones like “Mr. & Mrs Smith” and that sort of new DVDs. Everytime i try to play using Cyberlink PowerDVD5, it recognises the DVD but refuses to play it. With Windows Media Player 10, it will try to play the DVD and recognises the chapters but would just hang right after that. I tried those dvds on a friend’s laptop who had just gotten it new and the same problem happens as well. :frowning: Hope someone can help me out

I’m kinda a noob on this CD/DVDs issues so even the most obvious thing to me might be a new thing to me including things like how to check firmware and the sort. Just hoping that someone has the patience to talk it through with me. :bow:

Forgot to mention I’m using DVD region Killer 2.7 to escape the region issues if it is relevant.