Trouble playing DVD-9 on my TSSTCorp TS-L632D



I just purchased a Asus V1Jp laptop with the following multi-burner (w LightScribe):


I’m having a lot of trouble playing DVD-9 movies (gold disks). Playback is never smooth. Sometimes the movie will actually freeze up, or the disk will keep spinning until I have to manually eject the disk to restore the system. In fact, the drive has already ruined two of my movies by putting circular scratches across the disks. I don’t seem to have any problems with other disk types.

I have used PIOtoDMA to successfully set the transfer mode to DMA2. That didn’t help.

I’m just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience playing DVD-9 disks on this player. Is this a bad drive; should I insist on getting it replaced? Will a firmware upgrade help? If so, which should I use? I can’t seem to find any firmware for this drive, other than A05.

Hope someone here can help me. Thank you.



are these discs commercially pressed discs? If yes, then indeed insist having that fixed.
As this is an OEM drive made for Asus, firmware is provided only by Asus.



Ya, these DVDs are commercially pressed. Don’t think it’s a problem with the disks, as they play file on my other laptop (Dell) and the desktop. Is there a Sumsung branded version of this drive? If so, can I cross-flash to that flash file?



I am not aware of a way to crossflash another firmware.

As this drive should handle commercial DVDs, I would recommend contacting your vendor.



Thanks, Michael. In fact, that’s what I’ll do. Based on posts here and elsewhere, seems like this particular model is troublesome. What’s been your impression?


Why gold discs?
Can you please give a littel bit more info on them? I’ve rarely seen golden Video DVDs, especially as pressed DVD9.


Chef, sorry, I was away for a while. Anyway, to respond to your question, these are DVD-9 videos I bought in Malaysia. The movie quality on these disks are excellent. The disk surface is gold. I don’t know any technical details on these disks, e.g., who makes them. Is there a software that could do that for me?