Trouble playing, deleting, moving, renaming music file

Hi All, This is driving me crazy, PLEASE HELP! lol I know it’s
probably simple, but not sure of the answer. Some of my music
files (can be any format, FLAC, MP3 etc.) become unplayable,
and offer only the following options when right clicked. However,
see below -------------

Play in Foobar
Enqueue in foobar
Play in Winamp
Add to Winamp’s bookmark list
Add to winamp’s library
Open with…

Create .SFV file
Verify individual files

Send To

If I move the folder (Must move the containing folder as the
offending file will not delete, move, rename, scan for virus, etc)
containing the above music file to the desktop, I can play it,
rename it, delete it, etc. If I simply rename the music file or the
containing folder, all is back to normal, and I get all the normal
options when the file is right clicked. Sometimes I must fool
around with the name a few times, but eventually I get the file back
to normal. I am thinking this has something to do with character
limits on certain types of files, Joliet, ISO, etc. Please explain why
this happens, and what options I have other than the above
solution. Thanks

Is f2k or Winamp your default player?..Did you create these files, and with what tools/apps?..Did it happen after installing some SW and file association maybe?..
“unplayable” as in with no media players will play it?..
If you can’t, delete, move, rename a file, then it’s most likely being used…Check with Task Manager, and find the process/app and kill/end it…

The example I gave regarded a FLAC file which Foobar is the default player. I just found another file, an MP3 which WMP is the default player. When this file is right clicked, I get the following options

Add to Windows Media Player List
Open with…

Create .SFV file
Verify individual files

Send to

The file will not play, though WMP does load. The file can not be moved, deleted, scanned, renamed, etc. The file is not playable with any player, like it doesn’t exist. However, as I said, If I move the containing folder (in this case, Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Brain Salad Surgery - Entire CD 12 songs) from my music folder where it is stored, to the desktop, everything is normal, the file plays, and when right clicked gives the normal ( In my case ) 15 options including rename, scan for virus, delete, copy, cut, etc. If I rename the file, and move it back into My Music folder, the file is back to normal again? lol
I recorded this years ago so have no idea what program I used, but this problem happens now and again, and never on every song/file in the same directory. Any ideas?
I have over 800 cd’s so have copied a lot of them over the years, and use many different programs, but as I said, most are fine, but now and again I get that odd file or two in a particular cd’s directory that acts odd. Thanks in advance.

I forgot to mention, it seems to be a limitation on character length. When I rename the file with less characters, the file becomes playable again when I move the folder back to it’s original place in my music directory. What gets me, is the ability to move the folder onto my desktop, and the problem does not manifest itself, but move it back into the “My Music” directory without altering the name, and the file remains unplayable? crazy! lol

Just a guess .Try uninstalling the .SFV file program that is in the list.
Maybe it is trying to check the problem files even if you haven’t told it to.

That sounded logical so I did as you stated, no go. Still offering up a few options minus the SFV that is. lol Doesn’t do this on many files, and I have nailed it down to the size/length of the file name. If I rename the file/files while shortening the name, the file works fine, but I must move the containing folder to rename a file, then move it back, and it works as normal? Something to do with the Joliet/ISO character limitations maybe? Thanks for the suggestion, any other ideas?