Trouble playing burnt DVDs on a Pioneer DV-355 DVD player




This is my first post so any help would be appreciated. I am using Intervideo DVD Platinum version 3 to copy my dvds after decrypting them using DVD Decrypter. I try to play them on my Pioneer DV-355 and it plays okay for awhile with excellent picture quality but suddely it will freeze and stop playing. I am lost as to why when Pioneer has just replaced the laser and done a firmwear upgrade on the system and it says it reads all the right formats. Can anyone offer me advice please on ways to rectify this as i like watching movies on my standalone DVD player and not computer. Thanks


The most common problem is cheap media. What kind are you using.


I’m using TDK and Primco. What do you think?


Primco? Never heard of 'em. are you sure you don’t mean Princo? (which are basically the worst thing on the face of the planet).

I concur with ricoman in that your media sounds suspect, I use Taiyo Yuden (you can get 'em in Oz under the “thats” brand name) or use Ritek G04 or GO5. I use these in my DV-355 and never have any problems.

PS what burner are you using in making your discs btw?


Hi, yes it is princo sorry. I am using a Pioneer DVD RW DVR 106D and i just downloaded the latest firmware version and installed it. Any more ideas? All the help is much appreciated as i’m new to this :slight_smile:


ok, that’s a good burner, I strongly suggest you ditch the Princo’s they are a poor media and probably the result of your troubles.


A look on might help in case of the dvd media & player…


TDK is fine, ditch the princo. When you ask a question like this you should tell particulars:
burner, burn speed, firmware, processor, ram, HD etc. so people don’t have to ask so many questions. Always use good media, the cheap crap winds up costing twice as much in coasters, not to mention wasted time and aggravation. Try Taioyo Yuden, Verbatim, Maxell, Ricohjpn, TDK for media. Burn at the recommended media speed until you are happy, then you can experiment with faster burns. Check out some of the forums, chances are someone already had your problem and someone helped him out. Good luck.
One other thing, I’m not familiar with the DV-355, some players more than 2 yrs. old have a hard time with +R media. How old is your player and what is your media + or -?


DV-355’s have no problems with +,- in either R/RW formats or DL media.