Trouble playing burnt copies of PS2 games

I recently installed swap magic 3.8 in my slim line play station 2. It seems to work fine but when using the swapped disk (the burnt copy) the tv just rolls the image. The rolling image appears to lack color. Original disks work fine. I’m currently using memorex DVD-R but have used Maxell DVD + and - without success. I think it may be a media problem but would really appreciate your insight.
I’m a newbie so I hope I’m in the correct group

well i dont have my slim PS2 now as i sold it but i used to use the Swap Magic v3.6 combo with Memorex DVD+R 16x (burned @ 8x speed) (‘CMC MAG M01’ media code) and they worked fine on my slim PS2.

but in general… try some Verbatim DVD+R (set booktype to DVD-ROM if possible) and burn those at 8x and see if that helps… cause depending on how old your burner is, burning @ the full 16x speed could cause the discs burn quality to be quite horrible… my burner (Lite-On 1673S) is from the year 2005 and i use 8x burning on pretty much all 8x cert discs or higher and i get quality burns that way.

also, when i made my backups i used “Alcohol 120%”… something like ImgBurn (best app out there for general burning in my opinion and it’s free) ‘might’ work fine to.

but i guess the first thing you can try is burning those discs @ 8x and see what happens , cause you never said what speed you burned them at so im assuming you used full speed which is probably a bad idea with those discs from a guess.

Thanks for the info.

I think my burner is pretty archaic. I’ve tried 8x and even down to 4x using my Nero 7 burning ROM. Some of the DVDs were burnt on my son in laws burner at 8x and I’m sure his burner is around 2006 and his burnt DVDs work fine on his full sized PS2 with the swapmagic flip top older version.

I’ll upgrade my burning software and search for verbatim DVDs and keep my fingers crossed.

Thanks again

Thanks NBR,
I burnt with alcohol 120% and low and behold success. I did it on 4x as reading thru the search everyone sez that slow is better.

Thanks again NBR it’s much appreciated.