Trouble Playing Burned Game CDs

This is my first post, and I am very new to the magic of .bin, .cue, .iso, .ccd, .img, files.

So I downloaded Sims 2 using torrents (ya i know, im a bad person). I burned the .img and other files to many CDs using CloneCD. The CDs worked fine, I was able to install the game fully. But when I try to run it, the “autoplay” screen appeared, and after awhile it said to please insert CD1 into the drive. My CD drive registered the CD, I even explored it and opened the autorun program inside, but the Sims 2 autoplay window just stayed up until it said that it could not find CD1.

I thought that maybe it was just my computer/CD drive, but the same thing happened on his computer. After this i just dismissed it as being a bad download, and was pissed because i downloaded a 2 Gig file that’s worthless.

Yesterday I finished downloading Tony Hawk Underground 2 (still a bad person). I burned the 3 bin and cue files to 3 CDs using CloneCD, which may be wrong because I read that .bin is not supposed to work with CloneCD, but they all seemed to work fine. I installed the game fine using all the CDs, and put CD1 in and ran it. The setup window came up asking me to choose the resolution, etc. so I thought the whole thing was working fine. I pressed “Play” and that “autoplay” style window came up (I really don’t know what to call that window that’s not really a window). After awhile it told me that it couldn’t find CD1 in the drive. The same problem with Sims 2.

I’ve had the same problem with 2 different downloaded games, and two different computers. Maybe I’m encountering some CD protection thingy that both the games have, but I dunno. Help! :bow:

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