Trouble playing burned cd in car

I have burned several audio cds and compiled lists of individual songs that I have burned and have played w/o problem on my car player. Now I have tried to make another compilation using Nero (as I did with the others) and it won’t play in my car. Plays everywhere else, just not in the car. Using Maxell MIJ cd-r media. Don’t understand. I don’t think I have done anything different, except to have it verify the disc. This is the second disc that won’t play, first time I used same media as before. Any thoughts or suggestions on this?

That some car-players dislike burned cd’s is a well-known problem, i could only advise you those things

  • try different cd media
  • try certified audio cd media (for example this one )
  • try to burn at a lower speed (8x, 4x)

Do you know the model and make of your car radio?

I’ve had this problem with my car stereo, solved it by using Verbatim Pastels & Super AZO CD-Rs. Sony, Memorex etc wouldn’t work properly at all.