Trouble playing AVI DVD on my Lite On DD-A100X



Hello everyone

After I have burned an AVI file to DVD and go to play i on my LiteOn DDA100x, it sticks on “reading” and crashes completely. It will not play and has to have the power aken out and put back in before i can eject the media. The typ of DVD I am using has been fine when I have recorded from the TV; it plays back fine, but when I have burned an AVI to the same DVD, the above happens…

The DVD recorded is supposed to be fully DivX compatible. It doesn’t work. Frustrating. Can anyone help?


Are you sure the file is fully divx compliant. Remember its divx compliant but doesnt support all the high end stuff e.g. using optins like lots of GMC and other advanced options, it may not have the right encoded audio or could be corrupt. Either use dr divx and home theatre profile to reencode it or try updating the firmware see if that helps.