Trouble making back-up of movie

I am having trouble making a backup copy of the movie " you dont mess with the Zohan" the programs that I use for my backups are Anydvd and CloneDVD2. When I place the disk in the drive anydvd picks it up and takes care of the copy protection, and I can get the process to start but at some point something goes wrong and I get a msg saying that Clonedvd encountered an error and needs to close. Im not sure what the problem is, but I was able to use alcohol 120 to make an image of the movie. I don’t have the actual movie at the moment because I lent it to a friend but I do have the image, even though I was able to make a image of the movie I still cannot get it onto a disc. I get the same problem as with the actual hard copy. Any suggestions? Also I have not had any trouble making backups for any other movies and I have almost 600 so there is something strange going on with this one hehe.