Trouble Making Audio Cd with UltraIso

Anyone have any experience using UltraIso to create Audio CD’s. I use it very successfully to create Data CD’s but decided to try Audio CD’s and got into trouble. It doesn’t recognise wav files as wav files.

If I rip tracks from an Audio CD using EAC, I can successfully create an Audio CD image file using UltraIso. But…, if I download an mp3 or ogg file and then convert to a wav, UltraIso doesn’t like the created wav file. I know in the UltraIso documentation it states the format of the wav file must be 2-channel/16 bits/44,100 Hz. I checked my AudioSoftware Converter 4.2 program and it seems the format of the wav being created is correct.

Anybody know what I’m doing wrong? I could try another audio conversion program if someone knows one that is more compatible with UltraIso?

I know I could use Nero, but I’d like to keep my computer simple and not have so many programs installed. I’d really like to get UltraIso working for Audio CD’s if I can figure out the trick.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Looks like I’m answering my own question. It turns out that the latest version of UltraIso had a bug in it, which has been fixed with SR-1.

And here I thought it was something I did wrong again. Hope this helps others who may get caught with the same bug.