Trouble installing Windows Media Player 10

Yes it is rubbish but I do occasionally find it handy.

I hate version 11 but I’m having trouyble installing version 10. I uninstalled version 11 because trying to install version 10 gave me an error message that said it was incompatible with Windows.

Now it’s gone, the version 10 installer tells me:

"It was not possible to complete Setup.

Windows Media Player 10 was not installed. To update Windows, run Windows Media Player 10 Setup again."

It gives me this message every time though, and it definitely is the one for XP, not another version. I’ve tried redownloading it in case it was a corrupt installer too.

Can anyone help me out here please? :frowning:

Open Control Panel. Click on Add/Remove Programs. Click on Add /Remove Windows Components. Uncheck all of the boxes that are checked. Check Windows Media Player. Be sure that your Windows installation CD is in the optical drive. Click Next and Windows Media Player will be installed.