Trouble installing video card updated driver

I have a verrrrryyyyy old STB Velocity 4Mb (hey, stop the laughing) card with original driver. I downloaded an updated driver = v128_0182.exe & it installed to a new folder on my C drive called V128. It has 17 files & why I want this is it will enable my card to be open gl. How do I install or get these 17 files to be the driver for my card? It did not automatically replace my current video card driver. Thanks for the help & sorry if I posted in the wrong forum.

first check and see if there is an .exe file in the new folder if there is execute it.
If there isn’t an exe file in there go to device manager then look for your video card it should be under display adapters then right click on your video card select properties>driver>update driver when the driver update box comes up choose “install from a specific location” or “have disk” either one, choose next then navigate your way to the folder that has the drivers (the one you called v128) select ok then next.

Thanks for the very clear walk through!!!

No probs :slight_smile: