Trouble Installing Sd 1&2 games

hello everybody, i’d like your help here, i have the following problem: All safedisc & safedisc 2 games that i have copied (1:1 copy via Clone cd <fast error skip only selected>) will run correctly with the help of betablocker or deamon tools but all refuse to install from both my cd-r writer and my dvd player. Take “Emperor battle for dune” for example. All other cd’s will start the game and work correctly and the install cd too , but i cannot install the game. At First without the help of deamon tools the installer wouldn’t even start it gave a cyclic redudancy error (something like that) after i installed deamon tools i could get the installer to begin but it couldn’t read the main .exe file from the cd. I also got max payne with the same prob. it will run , but not install. Can you help me guys? My cd-r is a ricoh mp7163a and my dvd is from Asus. Ooh and i’m using latest clone cd version

I burnt Emperor: Battle for Dune two weeks ago using CDclone and Betablocker and found it will work on certain CD roms and definitely on the CD writer. Check out the installation patch by the game manufaturer or at which will allow the installation to run on CDR’s that’s giving problems - I haven’t tried it myself though as my CDR’s are working fine. However my first attempt to copy the game with CDClone on a LG8020B didn’t work. I tried it on the LG8120B and it worked. Best of Luck!

You should have no trouble with SD1 protected CDs. I have a copy of Age of Empires II and it works great on my CD-rom drives. It may run slow on CD drives but it at least still works.