Trouble installing Optiarc

I just bought a SONY NEC Optiarc AW-G170S and am having problems getting it to install.

My old PC quit reading the hard drives, so I got a new motherboard, uproc and memory. Kept the old disks. New case/power supply.

I now have an Intel D102GGC2 MB with a Pentium D 3.4 GHz processor and 2GB RAM. I’m running XP Home and have installed all updates.

My hard disks (2) are both IDE, and I have a CD ROM on the second IDE port. I had a DVD writer also on this IDE, but it doesn’t work on this machine. That’s why I got this new writer.

When I try to install the new DVD, the machine won’t boot. It gets stuck in the BIOS screen, but won’t go into the BIOS. I’ve unplugged the DVD, gone into BIOS, checked boot order (Hard, DVD/CD, Floppy) and tried to look at the drives. The SATA interface is not active, but I don’t have any SATA devices active at this time. Auto detect is on for all disks.

The DVD burner seems to be powered OK; I’m using a SATA power cable; the light comes on, the door opens and closes when I push the button.

Any ideas?

Isn’t the Optiarc AW-G170S a SATA drive; yet you say “The SATA interface is not active”? Probably why things don’t work. Enable SATA in BIOS, then hook up the drive with a SATA cable AND SATA power cable.


Yes, this drive is SATA, but I can only get into the Bios when this drive is not attached. Then, all the SATA interfaces are off, and I can’t enable them. The up/down keys skip over them. Any ideas how to enable them? I think that’s what the bios say about the 4 SATA interfaces: disabled.

I’m sure this is my problem, but I don’t know how to get these turned on.

What BIOS do you have? [Version #]

BIOS are GC11026M.86A.1065.2006.0502.1638

There have been 2 or 3 updated BIOS releases by Intel, one of which claims to have “Fixed SATA CDROM detection issue for certain CDROMs.”, as well as have “Fixed detection issue of certain SATA drive during system reboot.” You also get “Fixed issue where Boot to Optical Devices did not function”, and [for the normal IDE devices] “Fixed IDE Controller disable no function issue”.

Try the updated BIOS for the D102GGC [found here] and please report back your findings. [You can also see what other changes Intel made to the BIOS by looking at the release notes on the same page].

Thanks for this link. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but it certainly sounds like it addresses the right issue.

I’ll post when I can do the update, hopefully later tonight.

I haven’t been able to update my BIOS. I tried the express install where you just run an exe and it is supposed to reboot and load the bios. It shuts down, keeps the hard disk light on, and flashes the CD Rom light every few seconds. But no re-boot, no new BIOS. It doesn’t restart after holding the power button down for 5 seconds, it comes back to this state when power is re-applied. Hitting the reset button does that, and the machine boots with the original BIOS.

So, I tried to make a boot CD with the upgrade. I have NERO which can make a bootable CD, which I used with the appropriate BIOS upgrade files. It boots (into DR DOS instead of just MS DOS) with the disk order all changed. I found the boot disk, and tried to run the BIOS update file, get the error message, not enough memory. I did a CD to my hard disk tried to run the same update file from there, same message.

I had to re-install my old CD-RW in order to make the bootable CD. At least that worked OK. The BIOS won’t fit on a floppy.

I’m tempted to return the SATA drive and get one that is IDE. Seems that they are probably more stable.