Trouble installing legal version of Madden 2005



Very hard time trying to install legal version Mvp Baseball 2005. I suspect safedisc sees the installation of Alcohol 120 and Nero.

I have completely uninstalled both programs and have no cd emulation software that i know of on this computer. MVP baseball 2005 splash screen loads but then it simply says please insert correct cdrom. Even when i place the cdrom in my dvd-rom drive instead of burner i get the same error.

The only thing i can think of is a program that i have called Paragon Mount Everything. I use this program to mount my linux partion so i can have access to my linux files in windows xp. I have also uninstalled this software as well because it creates a drive letter for the linux mount.

What is preventing MVP baseball 2005 from installing on this computer.???


maybe it’s InstallShield …as it’s caused problems like this (MOHPA Game) for others;

or even this issue

Here’s a response from EA tech support from another thread somewhere

There have been some known issues with CD ROMs reading Safedisk Correctly for Windows XP. You can try this Safedisk Patch and it should resolve your issue:

Install the downloaded file, then restart your computer. If you have another CD rom/DVD/CD-RW Drive on your computer, I’d recommend trying to run it from there. If you have any Virtual CD rom drives running, such as “Daemon Tools” or “Phantom CD”, these will need to be disabled. These programs will emulate a CD rom drive and will confuse the game because it will look to this drive instead of your physical CD rom drive.

If you’re having trouble with the Installation of the game, you could also try copying the contents of the disk into a folder on your hard drive and try installing from there.

· Insert the CD into the CD rom.
· Exit the startup menu when it comes up.
· Double click “My Computer”
· Right click on the CD-ROM drive with the game CD in it and select “Explore”.
· Hold the “CTRL” key and then hit “A”. That should select all the files.
· Hold “CTRL” and hit “C”. This will not look like it does much, but it’s preparing to copy the files.
· Close that folder and go to your desktop.
· Right click on any blank space, and Select “New”, then “Folder”.
· Name the folder “Game files”.
· Double click the folder we just created, and hit “CTRL” and “V”. This will begin coping the files from the CD.

If the game has more then one CD rom disk, create separate folders for each CD. Once it’s complete, remove the CD from your CD rom drive, and double click the setup.exe from the first folder you created.

If these steps fail, see if you can try to install the disk on another computer to verify the integrity of the disk itself. If setup fails on another system, or you do not have access to another system to try this on, you will want to contact our Warranty department for a replacement disk.

If your game disk has been determined to be defective upon purchase, or has been damaged due to misuse or wear, our warranty department can replace it for a nominal fee.