Trouble installing DVDFAB Platinum

I have downloaded the latest copy of DVDFab platinum and when I go to install on my computer, it starts but never gets past the third screen and just stops. I have plenty of room on my computer and I am running Windows XP home edition. I have updated all the latest Microsoft updates with no help. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hi volpecg and welcome to the world of DVDFab. The first thing I’d do is delete your version you downlooaded. Then redownload and then try installing again. Sometimes downloads for whatever reason get corrupted. If that doesn’t work get back with us ok. ~ Mike

You might want to do a clean uninstall of the current version of Fab you are running. To do that follow these directions curtisy of my friend Stormjumper. Uninstall DVDFab like you normally do, next open My Computer and go to c:\Program Files (OR) where ever you
installed DVDFab and delete the DVDFab folder…now close Program Files
Since you are already have your “C” drive open go to “Documents and Settings \ OWNER” and open the “HIDDEN
FOLDER” called “Application Data”…now go all the way down to “PCOUFFIN” that was left behind when DVDFab
was uninstalled and delete ( NOTE ) there are 4 entries for the pcouffin delete “ALL 4”…close documents and
NOW the last thing you want to do in your “C” drive is to open the “WINDOWS folder \ PREFETCH folder” and
delete the boot-up file for DVDFab (better known as the ".pf " file
it will look like this DVDFABPLATINUM3080.EXE- # # # # # # #
where # is a number and or letter (string of 8 total ( NOTE ) delete all entries for FAB…close the “C” drive
Now open “My Documents” and delete the DVDFab Folder (AND) the “PCSETUP” Folder …now close my
if you have anything in the Recycle Bin empty it NOW for the last two steps DO in order 1st do a Registry Clean
up “REGSEEKER” or what ever you use after that Defrag your whole system NOW Reboot and re-install DVDFab
( NOTE ) DO NOT USE AN OLD download file of FAB that you have had on your computer "COULD be Corrupt REDOWNLOAD
a new copy of the file
and let us know how it works out
PS…make these selections in common settings \ Write
Burning Engine …VSO
Write Speed…4x or 8x
Write Type of DVD-R media…SAO Writing
DVD Writable Media(DVD-5)size…4464 " by using custumize in the drop down"
Set Booktype…check
(NOTE) click OK NOT the close button on top
AND most of all this is very important ( DO NOT ) have any programs running in the background “PLUS” when
doing a backup “STAY OFF” the internet