Trouble importing multisession between two Nero versions

I have the latest 6XXX version of Nero, Nero on my desktop PC and the latest version of Nero 7XXX on my laptop. I am making DVD ISO9660 Joliet multisession backups on both machines. When I try to add a session to a disk burned on the laptop with Nero it can be read on the desktop but the previous session is not imported in Nero and the disk is not recognized as a DVD by the program. However,Multisession disks burned with Deepburner,for example,import perfectly so I can add another session to these disks in Nero. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? Thanks.

I had the same issue several years ago with CDs when I had Nero 5.5 and 6 on two computers. To me it looks like Nero has its own way of writing multisessions different than all other programs and writes a lot of unnecessary stuff to your disks - each version writes different stuff. I’m not surprised the same problem comes up again - certainly Nero don’t care about usability and compatibility, which is why I switched to other software for data burning long ago. I have used Deepburner, Ashampoo Burning Studio, AVS Dics Creator, Ulead Burn Now and I haven’t experienced any problems with one of them being able to import multisession written by another, but Nero can’t even resolve this issue in different versions of the same program!

Thanks for the reply. There seems to be no answer to my problem but I can take some solace in knowing I am not alone in this. I have used Deepburner previously for this purpose prior to installing Nero 7xxx with no problem as well.Thanks again.

I too am having problems burning from Roxie Easy CD Creator 5 to a new Lite-On DVDRW LH-20A1P33C. I hated the Nero 7 Essentials that came with the Lite-On because it took over and changed all of my iTunes and movie files so I uninstalled Nero and it appears that Roxie doesn’t seem to recognize or support the Lite-On. When I push Record on Roxie it says No supported DVD devices detected. I tried updating the Firmware and it wouldn’t do it. Is there a burner program other than Nero that supports and recognizes the Lite-On and works well???

Thanks for any help!


You might check your burn settings in Nero, especially the one which writes locations of all burned files which are on your computer so that when you burn another session Nero can automatically update changed files on the DVD - try to disable it (I can’t remember what this setting is called, in Nero Express it is annoyingly turned on and can’t be disabled). Also, you can try writing in UDF or UDF + ISO since UDF is the preferred format for DVD (I think Joilet is most suited for CDs) - most other programs burn in UDF + ISO by default.