Trouble Identifying Motherboard

I need to upgrade my BIOS, but I am a little confused as to what motherboard i have. I have used Nero’s Info tool, CPUz, Belarc, and some other utilities to identify my motherboard. Every single one says that it is a Biostar M7VIT Pro, but my actual motherboard says it is a Biostar U8668 D. I checked Biostars website, and these are 2 different boards for sure. The picture of the M7VIT Pro does not look like my board, but the U8668 D does. I know it is kind of silly to ask, but should I grab the BIOS update for the M7VIT Pro, or the U8668 D? Does anyone know why these utilities are identifying my board as the M7VITPro? I have never messed with/upgraded the BIOS except for changing my boot order. Thanks for your help.

If you have a propriotary PC (IE DELL, MICRON, COMPAQ, etc), you should get the bios updates for your make and model from their web site. If you have a homegrown PC, you will truely need to be sure which MB you have before upgrading your BIOS.

have a look on the mobo itself the model should be written on it , its always correct

Whatever is silk-screened onto the motherboard, that’s what you have. :slight_smile:

As for the utilities… well, there are HUNDREDS of different motherboard models out there, probably THOUSANDS depending on how far back you go. Odds are whatever method those programs are using to identify the board… Biostar just didn’t put the right bits in the right place in their BIOS for them to be able to tell.

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Try this to get the info you need.

Thanks guys. My motherboard has to be the U8668 D, as that is what is printed on the board. Also the M7VIT Pro is socket A, which I believe only supports AMD processors, and I have a P4. I know it was a stupid question, but I just needed the reassurance. Thanks again

I’m sure you can be reassured if that’s what’s printed on the board, for sure. I’d trust that over some software telling you what it is anyday. The board won’t lie. :slight_smile: