Trouble! Help! Burning Dual Layer



I’ve been pulling my hair out for the last 4 days trying to burn the Indiana Jones movies onto dual Layer discs. I started with Memorex, and my burner never seemed to recognize they were DVDs.

Then I found you guys and went and bought Verbatim DVD+r Dl.

It now seems to recognize them, and appears to burn them, but they do not work in the drive that just burned them, or in my DVD player.

I’m going nuts! My wife is all over me about sitting at the computer for three nights straight.

Here’s what I got:
Burner is a TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H652L
I have DVDClone 4.0, DVD Fab Platinum

(These both worked with everything else, till I tried the Dual Layer stuff)

After I found this site, I went to Dvd Decryptor, IMG Burn, and Ripit4me.

I read on how to use these programs toghether, but no luck. Is there anything else I should try?



Try the simplest path. If DVDDecrypter will decrypt the movie successfully by itself, this is what I would use. Put Decrypter in ISO Read mode, and put the movie on your hard drive. This will give you an ISO file and a very small mds file. Then start ImgBurn. Load the mds file into ImgBurn, and use it to burn to the DL disk. This should get the layer break set correctly on your dvd. Don’t try to burn any faster than 4x.

If you have already done this, then you may have a problem with the dvd drive not being able to set a specific burning strategy for your Verbatim disks—it may only have a generic strategy that it is using, and not too successfully at that. I don’t know much about your drive, I think it is made by Samsung, but I could be wrong. Who made the computer? You could go to their site and see if there is an updated firmware for the drive, but really, any drive capable of burning DL media should be able to recognize Verbatim disks, so I don’t know that it would improve matters.

As to other things to try—thought about getting a $30 burner and putting it in? It might be cheaper in the long run to get a burner that is known to handle DL disks, rather than making coasters out of expensive media. Look at the Pioneer 111 models, or one of the new LG burners.

Just another thought—do you have access to any other dvd players? Might try the Verbatim you burned earlier in another player. Your drive and player might be a little picky.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try. I think it is a Samsung drive, and in an HP computer.