Trouble getting started

Really dumb question to start with. Hopefully they will get more worthy of this forum in time. “How do I install the SDK?”

I have downloaded the latest NeroSDK-1.08. It is rich in Doc, Include, Samples, etc; but do I need to go through any install procedure to put all the dll’s and ocx’s in the right place?

I also need a simple VB sample to get me started. I wish to use VB/COM as that’s all I know.

There isn’t an install - thats all taken care of with Nero install. Incidentally don’t use with nero 8 as it is not compatible.

There is a nero fiddles example in the sdk download.

Thanks. Just worked out there’s no install. A bit of fiddling with the references and I can access Nerolib.

Still looking for a sample program that is compatible with MS Visual Studio Express 2008.

Argh - I’ve just noticed your comment that it’s not compatible with Nero 8. That could be the problem. Is it still Nero supported? Will there be a V8 compatible version ?

Ah VSE 2008 - no sorry - no sample program, you would have to convert either manually or could try project updater.

And we wait in hope for an update but probably forlorn…