Trouble getting Nero to burn through Shrink



My version of Shrink used to work with my Nero but I haven’t tried in a while and Nero has gone through a few updates. Clearly I need help.

My Shrink is Nero is Nero works fine burning a DVD but when I run through Shrink, just before it burns it gives me an error message:

Cannot Connect TRF.

I must have some wrong layer or some other goof up so I am asking here. It is not critical as the files it creates burn just fine when I exit SHrink and go to Nero, but you know how it is. It should still work through Shrink.

Thanks in advance.


I read some similar problems in digital forum. It seems that latest version of nero don’t works correctly with shrink. The only solutions are:

  1. revert to a previous version of nero
  2. burn files manually (with nero itself or with imgburn or other softwares).

Sorry, I’m searching the exact link but I can’t find it right now. I’ll post when I’ll find it


geno888, thanks. That’s kind of what I concluded myself but I figured I would see what you experts knew. I figured the updates made it obsolete but I never saw anyone mention it. There must be a lot of older versions of Nero out there.

Fortunately, it is not a big problem.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I find only one reference until now here

but I remember that in that forum jmet was able to associate this problem with latest version of nero. In this thread there is also a link for an older version of nero


The funny thing is that it works in Nero 7. Wonder what Nero did in the latest release of ver 6.6…


There have been many posts here about this.
Initially it was raised as an issue with Nero 7, then 6614 came out & it was then linked to that version as well. I think that the dll that Shrink calls is now missing from these versions.
Maybe it’s back in the latest version 7 release. Wouldn’t know as I don’t intend to upgrade to 7 in the near future.


Personally I wouldn’t even bother worrying about it. If you have Nero just use Nero Express and choose the option for DVD Video Files and then select DVD Video Files. Nero won’t have to scan through them and will burn them on demand when you dump your VIDEO TS files in them. If you are using Shrink to make an ISO then use Decrypter and Mode ISO write and direct it to use your burner as the recorder.


You can also use the freeware program ImgBurn to burn directly from DVD Shrink.