Trouble finding $10 discount-Anydvd



Ok guy’s I’m new at this I’ve looked all over cdfreaks and can’t find were
a gal go’s to get the $10 discount code for Anydvd. I just lost $39.00
because of a mix up trying to get Anydvd. But cant find Personal Information page used when checking out If I try again $29.00 is better then $39.00
Could you show me the way to go? gale49


I think if you email them they will give you the discount. I thought I read a few people doing that.


discount code is ‘cdfreaks’ or ‘afterdawn’,
how is there a mix up that you’ve lost $39 ?


@ gale49,

If perchance you look at the “Announcement” posted in big bold print prominently displayed on the top of both the AnyDVD and/or CloneDVD Forums you will find the information you are seeking for the 10-dollar discount. Just follow the link provided in the “Announcement” posting.

I do not fully comprehend how you have lost $39 dollars and the correlation with the $10 dollar discount.

If perchance you have had some quirk in the purchase of SlySoft software products I believe it would be prudent to iron out the purchasing problems before attempting to use the $10 dollar discount and re-attempting to purchase SlySoft software products again.

Forum Member Bjproc has been gracious and provided the 10-dollar discount code in the above forum posting.

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i missed the offer when buying and applied for it after the fact. if you send an email to slysoft from the website contact details, list you order id and quote the code cdfreaks or afterdawn and ask for your $10 rebate you will get it.


CDfreaks staff will kill you for posting any other coupon code than ‘cdfreaks’. Be careful :wink:


I’m dead :bigsmile:


Yeah, just got an advice from Mr. Xiang … Cdfreaks complained about me… I just wanted to provide 10$ discount for some more time (cdfreaks expires these days, it says). But… if they want to earn that money, I would have transfered their money back in case of doubt.

So, sorry cdfreaks. You couldn’t know I am not as mercenary. Your code expires anyway, so I thought It doesnt matter.

But: Next time complain to me. Complaining to SlySoft is lame.


Hi cb.benny,
I don’t understand, per the announcement at the top of this forum the offer is good until the 18th of August 2005.


Yeah, sorry, somebody said it lasts 2 weeks… and the first news announcement was on 07-11 … so … didn’t know.


i myself just bought anydvd using the $10 discount around 9:30am est is which i bought it :slight_smile: thx for a wonderful program