Trouble finalizing disc

Using dnc with lite-on dvd burner. Movie copies fine, seems to burn, then finalizes for about two minutes. Disc is a coaster. Insert another disc, hit copy again, and it works. Getting expensive…any ideas out there? I’ve tried it with Verbatim and Memorex discs (both lightscribe). Seems very consistant.

I have personally found issues with using lightscribed media on my end but thought it was just me as another guy I know isn’t having the same problem. What decrypter are you using?

Machinist2 for decrypter. One system running sata liteon works like a champ, other system with ide liteon - ihap222 drive is the one having pronblems. Flashed latest firmware today, no change. Only happens with lightscribe media.

Same issue I have with my Samsung drive and LG but it is only me on those drives so far. You’re the first to report this issue besides me so far. I’ll make note and send it to the engineers but maybe for now to use non-lightscribe, sorry.

Im using an LG external and benq 1655 with lightscribe and have no issues backing up my dvd’s I doubt that its a bad batch of media your finalization time is very long sounds like its a drive issue to me
from what your saying the IDE drive may be on its way out

Thanks vinman.