Trouble entering safe mode



Hi all, Three months ago I built my new computer using a Biostar TForce 6100 939 motherboard and it has given me no trouble since it first started. I had suggested that a friend use Asquared in safe mode to scan for a Trojan and was told that it wouldn’t run the scan. Just to make sure that there wasn’t a problem I tried to enter the safe mode on my computer to run the scan, and I can’t get into safe mode. Pressing F8 is supposed enable system configuration, but pressing it during the start of the boot nothing happen.

Can anyone here shed some light on this. I would appreciate any help with this, I’m stumped.


I found the answer, I was using a USB keyboard, and when I changed to a PS2 I was able to enter safe mode.


Some systems are pretty picky about when you hit F8. I know that on my COMPAQ, I have to keep pressing it over and over (fairly quickly), in order to get it to go into safe mode. Also, some mother boards/bios might use something other than F8…


Yeah, I’ve seen F8 and F2, I wouldn’t be surprised to see others.

The problem with the keyboard wasn’t hitting the key, it was that the USB keyboard wasn’t being recognized until after the POST. I’m fairly sure that it can be changed in the BIOS, I’ll have to look into it…some day. :rolleyes: