Trouble: DVD+R, UDF File System and Nero



Hi all. Rocky here. I have the .vob files sitting on my hard drive for a video I want to burn. I used DVD Decrypter so they should be fine. I use DVDDecrypter all the time to get movie I own on my HD to then convert to PSP format using PSPvideo9, so the .VOB files really are fine. The problem is with Nero Express v6.3.1.17 when I choose to burn a DVD Video file, of course the .vob is larger than 2GB and Nero throws a stupid message that says:

“The file"VTS_01_1.vob” is larger than 2GB and therefore cannot be stored in an ISO file system. Please use the UDF file system to write such large files. This can be done by selecting another compilation type."

First off, what other compilation type? I’ve already selected the DVD tab as the compilation type.

Secondly, how do I change to the UDF file system even if I wanted to? This is not very obvious in Nero.

Lastly, I don’t understand why it would be throwing this in the first place since they are .vob files and Nero is asking for .vob and.ifo files in order to burn to the Video_TS folder. I’m kinda at a loss here guys. I used to use Nero all the time, but used dvdshrink instead. I don’t think there’s a difference in the .vob file that gets dropped on my HD. It’s just a 3.6GB .vob file.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Selecting DVD Video files will fix you up - By default, vide dvd’s use the UDF file system :wink:

In express, I can’t seem to find any options to use the UDF filesystem for data DVD’s in express …

In nero proper, it’s an option, after you hit burn (or before, depending on preference).


I am choosing DVD-Video files in Nero Express. That what I was doing when I posted originally. I can play the .vob fine on my computer from the hard drive. I’ve already converted the movie to a MP4 and it works fine on the psp so I know the .vob file is valid if PSP Video 9 reads it.


Errr … my apologies … Nero proper, you choose to make a UDF DATA DVD from the start.


That is no stupid message but a correct warning regarding the specs of the ISO Filesystem. Why did you rip the movie into ONE big .vob file? There is no point doing that.
You could burn that file on a UDF DVD DATA DVD but never ever with ISO 9660 Filesystem, because the limit is 2GB for any file.


And for partitions with fat32 also.