Trouble decrypting disks with Buffalo BRUHD-PU3

any word back?

really simple: fw BU11 is not supported !!! …only supported with fw BU10
only if some one has a buffalo bruhd-pu-bk and with her courtesy is able to copy the original fw with dosflash32 by windows 7 32bit in IDE mode and gently put the firmware in internet, only by this way we can change fw from BU11 vs. to BU10 vs., I’ve changed only in this way the FW on my external LG with same problem !!!

Don’t forget that flashing is easier when you remove the drive from the enclosure and flash it connected to an internal controller!

yes I confirm: buffalo with FW. BU11 from japan start, read disc, title, but on menu it stop and a message appair " problem with this drive "

So they followed LGs strategy…no surprise.

Hi. Just FYI, it took awhile but it’s now possible to downgrade the PU3 to the original BU10 firmware (or apparently, to any FW for the BU40N drive). Details are here. I did it with a spare PU3 I purchased that had BU11. It works like a charm. :slight_smile:

Also, this is unconfirmed but I’d imagine it’s possible to use some other Buffalo drives and rip via MakeMKV, if nothing else. The BRXL-PT6U2V and BRXL-PT6U3 can read BDXL discs, which means they should be able to read UHDs. They’re probably LG rebadges too, like the PU3 (i.e., the BU40N in a nice case). I know nothing about these drives, though. Somebody would have to experiment. I’d consider it if I had the cash.