Trouble crossflashing my LH-20A1P to a LH-20A4P

Hello :slight_smile:

I am having trouble crossflashing my LH-20A1P to a LH-20A4P.

The EEPROM does not have the ability to convert the drive and the Omniflasher gives me this error when selecting the 20A4P Firmware 20A4P.9P54.stock :

If anyone could help it would be appreciated.


Have you tried the Flash Utility?

Please read the first pages for the utilities you want/need to use for future references.

I have read. I followed the instructions here:

What guide am I suppose to be looking at?


Why are you reading up on OP? :rolleyes: It will NOT do what you want, and its support stops at 3S-generation drives, so far.

You definitely have NOT read all.

Back to my first question, “Have you tried the Flash Utility?”

Just found the link. Will give it a shot.


Omnipatcher doesnt work with the newer drives.

All good. The flash utility worked fine :slight_smile:
Flashed my drive to 20A4P