Trouble creating my own DVD

The software I have is Sonic My DVD the create a DVD. The size of the movie files I am trying to put on the DVD are all less than 50 MB, and the software says how much space I have left. It says at least 300+ MB but when I try to import an .avi file, it goes over the limit. Do I need to convert to a different file type to get this to work, or what else is there to do?

Hi danimal11,

I’m a little bit confused about your post :confused:. You’re trying to burn movie files about 50MB on a DVD and there are still 300MB left on the DVD. So you’re adding the files to a multisession DVD or is it a blank one? The avi file is your 50MB file or another one? Clarifying this would be nice :).

ok, sorry, a little confusing I guess. The DVD is blank, the program is Sonic MyDVD, and as I add files to the program, it says how much space remains, out of 4.7 gb. The avi files are about 50mb each, but for some reason only 4 of these files will fit. Do they have to be different format or compressed or something? thanks, sorry for the confusion.

Hi could you tell me what lenght the video clips are as from memory Sonic MyDVD works out how much it can fit on a disc according to the quality settings you select, and if you pick the high quality it will give you about 1.5 hr. I think!, but haven’t used it for a bit as I prefer the Tsunami Authoring Program

Sonic MyDVD probably thinks you want to make a Video DVD, and will probably convert these files to MPG for display on your DVD player. Not familiar with MyDVD, but make a DATA disc not VIDEO if that’s what you rather do. Hope that helps.