Trouble copying with yamaha8424E-VK



I’m currently using Easy Creator 4 with my yamaha 8424 burner. the only problem is that it stops burning part way through about 1/5 cd’s. The drive becomes inactive and freezes, while the software keeps on telling me that its writing. does anyone know what the hells going on?! any help would be appreciated!



I have a yamaha 8424S, i used easy cd creator deluxe 4 and it realy sucked bigtimes. there is something wich does my drive extremly slow when i write with that software, it doesent matter if i choose 8X speed it still goes like 2X or something like that. my advice to u bro is that u use nero (the newest ).

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I have the same writer & had a simular problem with it locking up using Easy CD 4.01 but it ended up being a bad Hard drive.

Once I replaced the HD I got an underburn so I switch to using Nero & its worked great ever since.