Trouble copying underworld evolution

ive been trying to burn underworld evolution, but when i use any program like dvd shrink or fab decrypter it just gets stuck and wont even load the movie into my system…is there some new kind of copy protection in it?

I just downloaded dvd fab plat. with newest version of any dvd. i could only get the movie part but… so what i got the movie!!!

I used DVDFab Decrypter then DVD Shrink and just did the movie no problems.

I used AnyDVD to get it to the HD and than ran it thru Nero Recode (full disc). Watched it last night, no problems.

I used DVDDecrypter with the newest ver of AnyDVD and it ripped and then burned with no problems.

did the same a wobble and it worked for me! Used dvdfab first and then dvd shrink! i’ve had this problem before. not saying this is the best answer but try taking out the disk whwen it get stuck then put it back in! Worked for me before!

anydvd + dvdshrink worked great.

gay ass copy protection…never stopped anyone with a clue.

i’ve done it as well with anydvd & clone… and also using dvdfab express…the combo of anydvd and clone has done everything for me so far no problems on this backing up end

I also just did it with AnyDVD, DVD Decryptor, DVD Shrink, Then burned with Decryptor. You don’t have to use Shrink I suppose, but I like getting rid of languages I dont need. French was like 300+ MB.

I used DVDfab decrypter and then Nero.
Burnt with no problem.

I am having trouble, as well. When I burn the movie all I get is the commentary to the movie. What am I doing wrong. I understand the frustration :a
I am having this prob with several dvd’s

If you don’t have DVDfab platinum full version. Just download the free version from their site. it’s DVDfab decrypter. You can get free update whenever they release it.
Decrypt the movie with DVDfab decrypter.
Open Nero
Under copy and backup
Use copy multiple movies to one then click import titles
Locate the folder of the movie (default will be under DVD folder if you decrypted with DVDfab)
then it will start analyzing the movie
Choose one audio and one subtitles of your preferences.

I like to use this method when I burn movie. Sometimes you’ll get the movie just a hair over 100%, what I’ll do is to use the start/End feature and getting rid of the End credit at the end of the movie.
Just try to get it as close to 100% as much as possible so there’ll be less re-encoding.

HOpe I didn’t confuse you.

Thank you Xwings. I will try this and see if it will help