Trouble copying Underworld Evolution and When a stranger calls

whatsup guys, i wanna say im relatively new to using the decrypter, i mean ive burnt about 40 or so movies in my time but its all ran smoothly until now. I try to burn the new underworld movie and when a stranger calls movie and i get this error message when it hits 3%…I/) Error…scsiStatus 0x02…interpretation:check condition…CDB: 28 00 00 02 1F 80 00 00 01 00…Interpretation: Read (10)-Sector 139136…interpretation: Unrecovered Read Error I noticed that both of them are from SONY PICTURES so i was kinda guessing that Sony uses some protection thats giving me this error problem…if anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated!

They both use Sony Arcoss.

Try DVDFAB Decrypter to rip first for a quick solution.

or use AnyDVD, then rip with DVD Decrypter. ,
I then use Shrink, , to get rid of languages etc I dont need, and told shrink to burn it with Decrypter… No problems at all.

****I don’t remember though: is there something else needed to get Shrink to know that Decrypter can burn it? Plugin etc…??? I installed so much software, I forget. If anyone knows, feel free to correct me. Thanks.

You might want to try RipIt4Me.
You can see the comparison test here: