Trouble Copying Movie SAW



Hi guys, has anyone had trouble copying the movie SAW?

CloneDVD copies it but it won’t play on any DVD drive I own (major screen corruption). I get the same with DVDXCOPY on my mates PC (both our pc’s are using AnyDVD). If I copy the disk and then use NERO to burn a DVD movie disc using the relevant files, it errors (daft I know, but I can’t remember the exact error - something like the movie files do not follow correct DVD movie format).

I’m creating coasters here so any help would be appreciated : )

PS I’m using a Sony DRU-720A DVD burner. Both CloneDVD and AnyDVD are the current 21 day temp use versions (trying before I buy).


have you tried ripping it with DVD Decryptor and working from the ISO/files??


Nope, but I will now. Thanks for the advice.


no prob…good luck.


i have burned the movie using both of the software, no problems. have you tried putting the video files on your hard drive then use clonedvd to burn them?


Yup. I get major screen corruption when trying to play it. I’ve used DVDXcopy Platinum, I’ve tried extracting the files to my hard disk and then using Nero to make a DVD movie disk with the VOB files, I’ve tried CloneDVD2.

Now I’ve tried DVD Decrypter and DVD shrink. It works okay but only just. The movie won’t play off my xbox (using XMBC) but I can play the VOB files individually without probs. I’ve copied loads of disks without probs before (using DVDXcopy and CloneDVD on my PC) - SAW is the only one that’s caused me any probs…

Weird huh? Anyways, I have a useable copy and that’s okay with me so thanks for all your help.



i just copied that movie last night

worked just fine for me


Hi there,
I worry I’ve got a bad new.
The matter is that the dvd movie SAW seems to be copy-protected
by a strange, and may be new, protection based both on defective-bad sectors and invalid-modified IFO structure.

Let me say that I’m not so experienced in dvd copy-protection, but anyway I’ve tryed almost everything to backup my copy of the DVD movie, and it is not possible at all.
I tryed:

  • to have a second original copy from a friend of mine, in case my original
    was damaged in some way;
  • to backup with clonecd and anydvd;
  • to backup with dvd decrypter
  • to try Vob Blanker over the pieces of files saved on the hard disk;
  • than Nero, CloneDVD, DvdFab, Smart Ripper, DvdShrink and a lot of other
    software in various combination.
    Results:NOTHING that can be named a working backup.

Hardware: toshiba 1502, benq dw 1620, toshiba sdr 1532, pioneer 106.

What do you think about? :a :confused: :frowning:

McFarling, how did you make your backup?

OOps, one more thing. I am from Italy, and might be that italian version is protected, not some others???.


The region 4 version of SAW copied without any problems using CloneDVD2 v2.8.2.1 and AnyDVD v5.1.2.1


Region 2, no probs with anydvd (!, rather old) and CloneDVD (again, not the latest). I haven’t updated the progs yet,…


Try to disabe the CSS archive in AnyDVD settings.


i just made an iso with dvddecrypter and using a virtual drive to make it to dvd-5 (not just saw but all other ones that don’t work normally)