Trouble copying FS2002

I’m having trouble copying Flight Simulator 2002. I get to copy it, but when I try to install it I get a message that “Set-Up failed to extract Files D:\”…I dont know what that means. When I explore the original CD its shows as a zip file. I dont know what to do about that.:confused:

Well you didn’t mention if the original worked… Have you scanned the discs for a copy-protection? You can do this with ClonyXL. Please report here what it finds. Also give some more details on your hardware (writer, etc).

I downloaded ClonyXL and I scanned the disk, but I scanned the disk in ClonyXL’s default settings. The result was…one skull, I dont know what that means but by from what I see it looks easy to duplicate…I guess. I have a generic cdrom player listed as (ATAPl CD-ROM Max 52X), a TDK rewriter listed as(TDK CDRW241040X), and a Delta 12x DVD listed as (ATAPl 12x DVD-ROM). If it matters I use a 1.4 Ghz AMD with 512 MB DDR ram on Windows 98 SE, and a Geforce3 video card…oh and I use aheadnero for my burning. I’m am very new to this CloneCD thing so if you can give me exact instructions on how to use it, I would appreciate it very much…and if you could guide me to any sites that would help me out.

One skull ? That would be SafeDisc right ? ClonyXL clearly mentiones the found protection so can you post it here ??

Yes, it says SafeDisk.

Weird because SafeDisc should be no problem at all with CloneCD. Just enable Fast Error Skip and you’re ready to go… Which writer do you have? And which media did you use? It might help to use a slower read/write speed to make the back-up.

What do mean by Media? If you are talking about burning software I use AheadNero, but I also have RealPlayer 8 Plus, Windows Media Player, and Creative PlayCenter 2

fast error skip was enabled, but there are setting for it to. What setting should I use?, and please explain on the whole media thing.

Uhh I thought you were using CloneCD since this is the CloneCD forum… By media I mean the used CD-R brand. But now I see why your back-up doesn’t work: the program you mention cannot copy SafeDisc. CloneCD can with ease. Use the first button to create an image from the disc with the Fast Error Skip option enabled and use the second button to write this image to a CD-R. That’s it!

I was using CloneCD, but I was using the Copy CD option…its the third tab. So I should do what you are suggesting “read to image file” then “write from image file”?..and what is a cue sheet?

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So I should do what you are sudjesting “read to image file” then “write from image file”?
Yes, with FES enabled

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…and what is a cue sheet?
A CUE file can be used with CDRWin or other programs (it holds info on the created image). You don’t need this option.

But you still haven’t mentioned what writer you’re using ?

I’m using a TDK Velo 24/10/40x

This is turning into a chat! :wink:

Ok, good since this burner is fully supported by CloneCD. However I see this writer will only write in RAW-DAO mode @ 16x so you might want to use a slower speed like 12x for writing just to be on the safe side. Also use proper cetified CD-R’s (like from the TDK brand) because this writer doesn’t like cheap media…

Yeah, this is like a chat, but what about the other options before I write, like “Simulate Writing” or “BurnProof” or “Perform Laser Power Calibration” and not to mention the Preferences below? the way I use PNY 16X blank CD’s, if these arent good enough what should I get.

Leave all options standard. You only need to enable the Fast Error Skip option when reading the image. When writing it you can use the default settings. You can use the buffer underrun option when this one isn’t enabled to prevent underruns. But, again, I advise you to use a slower writing speed (eg. 12x) and proper CD-R’s. For an explanation of the terms CloneCD uses check out its helpfile.

by the way I use PNY 16X blank CD’s, if these arent good enough what should I get.
Well these can be your problem: did you write the first time at 24x ? If yes then they might be your problem (since they’re certified for 16x and not 24x). Good CD-R’s to use with a TDK writer are TDK CD-R’s :slight_smile:

I dropped the write speed to 10x and it seem have worked fine. I installed and played it on my other pc without a problem. Thank you for your help. I just want to know what can I do when I come accross software with copy protection on it, are there options on CloneCD that can get around them?

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Thank you for your help.
No problem.

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I just want to know what can I do when I come accross software with copy protection on it, are there options on CloneCD that can get around them?
Yes CloneCD can handle a lot of protections but you need to use the proper settings. For this you can use the already mentioned ClonyXL. It will scan your disc (but you already knew this ;)) and tell you what protection was found. There’s also a button which will pass the corect settings to CloneCD for you. You can also see the setting you should use in the ClonyXL window so you can enter them manually in CloneCD.