Trouble copying fracture

Hello everyone, I’m having problems making a copy of the movie “Fracture” . I’m using anydvd & clonedvd . About half way through I get a error message saying something about copy protection css or ccs or something like that. I’ve been using this combo for years now, & this is the first error that I’ve had in a long time. Anyone have any ideas about a solution ?


RMAC11 :confused:

try updating software; or maybe another decrypting program as DVDRegionFree+CSS

Update to the latest BETA of AnyDVD:

DVD Region FREE+CSS is not updated any more. Thus it won’t be able to handle this protection.

Both DvdShrink and Dvd Fab will do this movie.
It has no special protection.

If it has no special protection, maybe you have a bad disc? What region is it from?

Keep updating though.