Trouble copying double-sided DVD to one disc

I’m trying to copy a double-sided DVD (Sleepers) on to a single disc. I only have one DVD drive, so I’ve created a virtual second drive using Daemon Tools. The problem comes when I click on Backup in DVD Shrink to encode the disc. At that point, I’m getting an error message that says ‘DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. The specified folder is invalid. The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process’. I’ve noticed that this error comes up only when I try to copy the file from my virtual drive. It does not happen when I try to copy the
file from my true drive.

I appreciate any help.


I suggest you to rip each side on a separate folder of harddrive and then use dvd Shrink in reauthor mode importing each title in the exact sequence you want.

In this way, however, you’ll loose all menus

The flipper is probably authored as 2 separate titles. I agree that you should rip them separately to your hdd into their own directories and you don’t need virtual discs but if you want to save all the original menus then you need a program which unfortunately is not free but would do the job.
DVDReMake Pro
This program creates a simple top menu which lets you select disk1 or disc2 and retains the original menus of each title set.
I’ve used it many times to combine animation movies and some documentaries that occupied less than a disc by themselves.

I’m not concerned about saving menus. I don’t really want them. However, I’m
not sure how to go about ripping both sides to separate folders on my HD, as I am new to DVD copying.

Do you both agree that I do not need a virtual drive for what you are suggesting? I’d prefer not to purchase any additional software, if possible.


That is correct you don’t need a virtual drive. This is not like a dual layer disc that is authored as one DVD9. It is 2 separate discs authored as 2 dvd5’s. They just happen to be stuck back to back.

I would use DVDShrink but there are many ways to do the same thing but just do like geno888 said and rip each side like it was a separate disc and save the output to your hdd. When you are done with the first side and after you flip the disc over just press on the open disc button again to read the other side and after doing the reauthor again choose a new directory when you save the second disc.
Do you really want what is on the other side of the flipper. Sometimes it is only a fullscreen version of the same movie which is widescreen on side 1.

Yes, I want the other side of the disc. It is the second half of the movie.
The main movie is 148 minutes long + Menus & Extras. I quess everything
couldn’t fit on one side.

I’ll give your suggestion a try.



Then the simplest way to do this is use dvd shrink in reauthor mode.

  1. Rip each side on harddrive with dvd decrypter (on separate folders)

  2. Open the first side with dvd shrink

  3. Press the button “Reauthor”

  4. Select main movie title and drag&drop it on left panel

  5. From right panel select the folder in which you put second side of the original disc

  6. Drag&drop the main title on left panel. Put the second title after the first, otherwise sequence will be inverted. Don’t worry if both titles have the same name; shrink will author the disc so all titles will be played in the exact sequence you put on left panel.

  7. Press the “Backup button”

Hope this can help

Geno, I have completed the 7 steps you outlined. Now, is it possible to burn the movie to disc using DVD Decrypter? When try using Decrypter to burn, I’m seeing part A of the movie in one folder and part B in another folder. I don’t see any way of combining them to burn as one file.


After pressing “Backup” button in decrypter, you must select “ISO Image” as output and a folder on your harddrive. In this way you can use dvd decrypter to burn the re-authored movie. Obviously, you must select a different folder, and not one of the two folders in which you ripped each side of the disc.

If you use shrink in reauthor mode, all files generated will be in a single directory. Part A and part B on separate folders are only for dvd shrink use. After dvd shrink ultimate its work, you can delete these separate folders because they are no more needed. Obviously, you must retain the folder in which you put the output of dvd shrink.

What you must burn is the output of DVD shrink, and not the output od dvd decrypter on separate folders.

To recapitulate:

Folder 1 --> Side A of the original disc (ripped with dvd decrypter)
Folder 2 --> Side B of the original disc (ripped with dvd decrypter)

Folder 3 --> Output ISO file generated by DVD Shrink

Folder 1 and folder 2 are used by shrink to do its work of compression and reauthoring. Folder 3 is final output.

You must burn the content of Folder 3.

I hope to have explained this in a clear way. Sorry for my error language, but english is not my primary language. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, Geno. It worked to perfection. You explained it all
very well. English could be your primary language.

Thanks, again.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: